CSI's Event Insurance programs provide the most complete event liability coverage from event insurance for one day, wedding event insurance, after event insurance, or even event cancellation insurance. We offer the most competitive prices available for your special event liability insurance needs. It doesn't matter if you just need one off event insurance for a party or an online public liability insurance quote for a reoccurring event, CSI has the special event insurance coverage you need.

Our clients include some of the country's largest events such as Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits Festival, and even presidential inaugurations. Just because we cover these large events doesn't mean that's all we do. In fact, CSI has provided single event liability insurance for over 5000 events. No special event is too small or too large.  We tailor coverage to fit your specific event. Purchasing something as simple as event insurance for one day can potentially save you from the unforeseen.

Event liability insurance programs for every need

  • One day event insurance
  • Music Festival Insurance
  • Art Show Insurance
  • Small Concert Insurance
  • Fundraising Event Insurance
  • MMA Event Insurance
  • Wrestling Event Insurance
  • Insurance for Dance Parties
  • Conference Insurance
  • Birthday Party Insurance
  • Seminar Insurance
  • Wedding Event Insurance
  • Vendor Insurance
  • Exhibitor Insurance
  • Trade show Insurance
  • Convention Insurance
  • Craft Fair Insurance
  • Sporting Event Insurance
  • Summer sports camp Insurance
  • Block Party Insurance
  • And hundreds of others

Our special event insurance coverage programs cover events held anywhere in the United States.



CSI has placed coverage for more than 1,000 concerts featuring some of the biggest names in entertainment.

We're proud to be a national leader in independent concert promoter insurance. We've represent the Pollstar Magazine's "Independent Promoter of the Year" and Pollstar's "Talent Buyer of the Year." Many of our other clients frequently appear on the Pollstar "Top 100 Promoter" list.

From big arenas to small venues, we have insurance programs to fit your business model. Genre is not an obstacle either — we can cover all genres of music. Whether it's hip-hop, rap, heavy metal, country or rock – or something new and exciting – CSI has you covered.

The Concert Promoters Insurance Experts

Unlike most insurance brokers, we understand your business inside and out. This not only comes from our specialization in entertainment insurance, but because our brokers come from entertainment backgrounds. This is why some of the biggest names in the industry trust CSI for their insurance needs.

Optional Insurance Coverages:

  • General Liability
  • Business Auto
  • Rented Equipment
  • Business Owners Policy
  • Workers' Compensation and Employer Liability
  • Third-Party Property Damage
  • Participants & Spectators Medical
  • Liquor Liability
  • Event Cancellation
  • Non-Appearance
  • Professional Liability
  • Weather Coverage


CSI is the country's leading insurance broker for festivals in the US. Our superior customer service and access to dozens of insurance markets, guarantees that your festival will receive the best possible coverage and pricing. With access to dozens of insurance carriers and risk management tools to set us apart from all the other programs, is the reason why some of the largest festivals in the country have trusted us to place their insurance for over 15 years!

Our hassle-free, low-cost insurance programs provide the broadest coverage at the most competitive prices available, for festivals such as:

Extensive Festival Insurance Coverage Options

  • General Liability
  • Liquor Liability
  • Worker's Compensation for employees and volunteers
  • Miscellaneous Rented or Owned Equipment 
  • Non Owned and Hired Auto
  • Crime
  • Umbrella Liability
  • Event Cancellation
  • Weather Insurance


Short Term Artist and Musician Liability Insurance Program

We have provided coverage for over 300+ of the worlds top entertainers. Its this experience that has allowed us to design the most cost effective, quick, easy to use program available in the market today.

Your short term liability policy will be placed through a master policy for "The Artist and Musicians of CSI Special Event Insurance"

Coverage Limits

  • $1,000,000 Per Occurrence
  • $2,000,000 Aggregate
  • $1,000,000 Products Completed
  • $100,000 Damage to rented premises
  • $5,000 Medical Payments
  • $100,000 Damage to rented premises
  • $5,000 Medical Payments
*please read the quotation carefully as your coverage limits may vary


With access to several Premier Insurance Companies, CSI can place coverage at the most competitive premiums for almost any event around the globe. Event Cancelation can be purchased to protect event expenses or revenue against cancelation or abandonment caused by reasons beyond your control.

This policy reimburses you for your net loss — should the performance or event be necessarily canceled, postponed or rescheduled due to any peril except what is excluded.

Non-Appearance Insurance:

If your event relies on the appearance of a person or group (performer, speaker, player, invited guest, team, etc.), this option will protect you from the non-appearance of that individual. Generally, including this option requires a medical exam of the specific individual.


This concerns specific weather conditions such as floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, lightning, or any other life-threatening weather condition. These weather conditions must prevent the majority of the audience from reaching the venue where your event is taking place.


Unavoidable travel delays (aircraft or other modes of transportation), equipment delays, mechanical breakdown, power failures.

Natural Disaster:

Fire, earthquake or other damage that causes your venue to be unusable.



Weather insurance protects your event against adverse weather conditions which may reduce revenue or increase expenses from sources such as ticket sales, concessions, food and parking. It can also be used to increase sales for retail operations as well as stabilize a budget for certain businesses where their revenue is tied solely to weather.  Typical buyers of event weather insurance include fairs and festivals, concerts, sporting events, parades and air shows. It can provide coverage for many perils including rain, snow, wind, lightning and adverse weather.

  • Concerts
  • Fairs / festivals
  • Sporting events
  • Air shows
  • Parades
  • Property management companies
  • Municipalities / towns
  • Car washes
  • Auto dealers
  • Weddings
  • Jewelers and other retailers

Rain Insurance Guide

Selected Rainfall Threshold

This is the amount of rainfall chosen by you, if met or exceeded, results in a valid claim. Following are some common threshold choices. These descriptions are offered only as a guide, because many variables such as terrain, drainage, and intensity can alter the descriptions.

1/100 (.01) inch of rain

The least amount of measurable rainfall recorded by the National Weather Service. This amount slightly wets the surface without leaving puddles on the ground and is considered non-intrusive to outdoor events. Example: A light shower for 2-5 minutes or a drizzle for two hours.

1/10 (.10) inch of rain

A light rain for 30-40 minutes, moderate rain for 10 minutes, or heavy rain for 5 minutes. Small puddles form but usually disappear after a short while.

1/4 (.25) inch of rain

A light rain for 2-3 hours, moderate rain for 30-60 minutes, or heavy rain for 15 minutes, forming many puddles that do not disappear easily.

1/2 (.50) inch of rain

A light rain never reaches this amount, so it entails moderate rain for 1-2 hours, or heavy rain for 30-45 minutes, resulting in deep standing water for long periods of time.

To understand the differences in the appearance of amounts of rain, pay attention the next time it rains in your area. How long does the rain last? How intrusive is the rain? How much do you think accumulated? Check the local newspaper the next day for a report on rainfall amounts.



You've fallen in love, and now you want to celebrate that love with your friends and family. You want to be unique and commemorate your wedding with an incredible party for your friends and family, who love and support you and your partner. What happens when someone gets hurt, and your wedding celebration turns into a financial and emotional strain on your guests? It may seem unnecessary now, but insuring your wedding can help guarantee that your special day will leave you with pleasant, loving memories of your wedding.

Your wedding can be the happiest day of your life. Months of planning mean that you should enjoy the wedding of your dreams. You may have made all the arrangements for your forthcoming wedding, or you could still be in the planning stages for the big day. Whatever your circumstances, Ascend Insurance Brokerage can help you protect your family and friends during your celebration. Hopefully your wedding day will take place with no setbacks, but unfortunately, accidents do happen.

Whether you are looking for one-day liability coverage or a three-day package, Ascend Insurance Brokerage offers quality insurance with the lowest possible premium cost to you. Our firm understands the financial demands that a wedding places on a bride and groom, and their families. We want to make sure the financial stresses are over with the wedding. Protect your loved ones from the emotional and financial burden that one can incur as the result of a loss or injury. Ascend Insurance Brokerage offers specialized insurance for your wedding, from the number of guests you plan to have at your wedding, to the day-after brunch, our unique program is affordable and unmatched in the insurance industry.



We have access to the best insurance companies that provide coverage for professional teams and small one time armature sporting events, league teams, tournaments and more. With this access, we can guarantee the best pricing and coverage available in the market today.

Who is Covered?

This program provides liability insurance protection for your coaches, volunteers, officers, directors, team, association, or league against claims of bodily injury liability, property damage liability, and the litigation costs to defend such claims.

Program Highlights

  • A Rated Insuring Company
  • Occurrence Form Policy
  • Coverage included for Claims by Athletic Participants
  • Coverage included for Discrimination Claims (other than employment unless prohibited by law)
  • Worldwide Coverage Territory for suits brought in the US or US Territories,Canada, or Puerto Rico.
  • -0- Deductible per Claim with $1,000,000 Per Occurrence/$2,000,000 Aggregate Limits.

Coverage Includes Suits Arising Out Of

  • Injury or Death of Athletic Participants
  • Injury or Death of Spectators
  • Injury or Death of Volunteers
  • Property Damage Liability
  • Activities necessary to conduct of practices or games
  • Ownership, use, or maintenance of fields or practice area
  • Cost of investigation and defense of claims, even if groundless

Optional Coverage Available For

  • Hired/Non owned Auto Liability Coverage
  • Excess/Umbrella Limits up to $5,000,000

We have programs for one-time sporting event, league teams, or tournaments.

Here is a partial list of the sports we can cover:

  • Aerobics Events
  • Archery Tournaments
  • Badminton
  • Baseball Games
  • Basketball Games
  • Bicycle Rallies (No Racing)
  • Body Building Competitions
  • Bowling Tournaments
  • Boxing Matches
  • Cross Country Running
  • Cross Country Skiing
  • Fishing Events
  • Football Games
  • Golf Events
  • Gymnastic Competitions
  • Handball Clubs
  • Hockey Games
  • Junior and Athletic Games
  • Karate Meets
  • Kick Boxing Tournaments
  • Little League
  • Marathons
  • Martial Arts Competitions and Classes
  • Racquetball
  • Rodeos and Roping Events
  • Rowing
  • Skateboard Events
  • Soccer Tournaments
  • Softball Games
  • Speed Skating
  • Swimming and Water Activities
  • Tennis Event
  • Volleyball Events
  • Weightlifting
  • Wrestling


Tradeshows, conferences and expos cannot occur without proper tradeshow insurance. From the show promoter to the individual vendors, CSI can help place both facility and the exhibitor insurance coverage required.

CSI Special Event Insurance is one of the country's tradeshow Insurance Brokers. We have instant access to dozens of insurance markets, all to guarantee you the best conference insurance coverage and pricing available.

Tradeshow Insurance Coverage available for:

  • Antique
  • Auto/Boat
  • Consumer
  • Arts & Craft
  • Dog/Cat
  • Electronic
  • Fashion
  • Fishing/Hunting/Sports
  • Flower
  • Home/Garden
  • Sports
  • Animal
  • House wares
  • Mobile Home
  • RV
  • Trade
  • Vacation
  • Shareholder Meeting
  • Conferences
  • And dozens of others

Vendor Insurance and Exhibitor Insurance Available:

  • General liabilities
  • Other liabilities related to (a) automobiles and damage to property, (b) liquor liability and (c) third party property damage.
  • Loss or destruction of rented or owned equipment, sets, props, and wardrobe
  • Losses from paying for the medical coverage of event participants and spectators
  • Losses from event cancellation, for reasons including adverse weather conditions
  • Weather Insurance protects your event against adverse weather that causes decreased attendance and or revenues
  • Workers' compensation Insurance for employees and volunteers


A Liability Insurance Program Providing Protection from Lawsuits of Bodily Injury and/or Property Damage

The Ascend Insurance Brokerage vendor liability program has been structured to meet the needs of vendors big and small. We have specifically tailored programs in place that offer the coverage you need to keep your business protected. Our programs are available for one-day special events, annual policies, and anything in between. While many vendors are accustomed to acquiring insurance on a solo basis, Ascend Insurance Brokerage also offers the convenience of group policies. For events with multiple vendors, our group policies help save time and money while still offering the same world-class protection and customer service we are known for.

Coverage Details

  • Injury or death of spectators
  • Injury or death of volunteers
  • Property damage liability
  • Products liability coverage (completed operations)
  • Incidental medical malpractice
  • All activities necessary to conduct activities
  • Ownership, use or maintenance of fields or practice areas
  • General negligence claims
  • Cost of investigation and defense of claims, even if groundless
  • Corporal punishment

The Optional Coverages

Equipment Coverage

This Inland Marine insurance product provides coverage for your equipment and contents up to the specified limit.

Hired and Non-Owned Automobile Liability Coverage

This liability coverage provides protection for rented, borrowed and other non-owned vehicles driven on vendor business.

Increased Aggregates

This option increases the aggregate limit of liability insurance from $1,000,000 to larger amounts.

This page has been designed to illustrate the highlights of this program but is not a contract. Some exclusions and coverage may be modified to meet individual state requirements. For specific details, please request a sample policy.